Sector 1

Sector 1 (Psigio)

The only sector with shade on summer

Sector 2 (Gliptis)

Wild on sight, easy on climbing

Sector 3 (Tama)

A combination of difficulty and height for amateurs and experts

Sector 4 (Kexhros)

A redemptive sector for demanding climbers

Sector 5 (Ohiro)

The multi-rope sector for the fans of...procedures


Sector 6 (Paximadokleftra)

A nice combination of hardness and height for demanding climbers

Sector 7

Sector 7 (Veniamin)

The smallest but demanding sector

Sector 8

Sector 8 (Katameri)

The hidden flat sector with a nice view

Sector 9

Sector 9 (Thavma)

A sector for... a few with difficult and short routes