In our effort to make your staying in Tinos easier for climbing or trekking and at the same time to make known these activities to local people in Tinos, we came in contact with a number of hotels and appartments and we asked them to offer a discount to any climber who will communicate and tell them that has been informed for the discount from our website of Climb Exomvourgo. At the table below you will find the discounts of the accomondation which respond to our call:

Name of accommodation
Cost of a double bed room before discount Cost of a double bed room
(discount to our visitors)
Comments and remarks of the owners
Afrodite Hotel  25€  

Breakfast is not included. Breakfast cost is 5€ plus. Hotel is open after April.

Almira studio  45€  35€ (22%)

Breakfast is included. 3 overnight stays at 80€ from 145€, 2 overnight stays at 60€ from 90€. Third person 10€ plus. There is extra 10% at the offered cost with two rooms reservation at the same date.

Paesino  50€  37,5€ (25%)

The mentioned offer is valid for the period February-May and September-Oktober.There is also 3 bed studios : Cost is 60€ without discount and 45€ with the discount. There is also 4 bed studios : Cost is 80€ without discount and 60€ with the discount. All apartments have an extra bed (plus 10€) to be used.

Tinos Eco Lodge  50€ / 75€  35€ 30%) /  55€(26%) 

We offer the "small stone house" with 3 persons capacity at 35€ (from 50€) and the "big stone house", with 5 persons capacity at 55€ (from 75€). Prices are for period October 2015- May 2016.

Vincenzo Rooms  55€  44€ (20%)

Breakfast is included. Cost of the suite is 125€ without discount and 100€ with the discount (20%). Also with every room hire there is a 30% grant at the ship ticket.

Astrokaktos  55€  45€ (20%)

The mentioned offer is valid for the period May-October. For each additional bed 5 €. For the period October-May  , the double room is offered for 35 €.

Θέα Θάλασσα  50€  40€ (20%)

If there are rooms available until 30 April for more than 2 overnight stays : 1) Suite DILOS 70€ from 90€, 2) Studio MYKONOS 60€ from 80€, 3) Room SYROS (1 room, bath, no kitchen) 40€ from 50€. For time period 1-31 May costs above will be increased 10€ per room).

Καμάρα  40€  28€ (30%)

Breakfast is not included. Third bed is available with extra 5€ per day. For over 5 overnight stays cost is 25€.

Χάλαρης    20€ 10€ / person



                                                                   For more information you can communicate with the accommodation